5 Video Conference Disasters — and How to Recover

by | From the Book

When a video call goes wrong, it pays to have a plan for making it right.

1. You can’t connect to the call.

You click the meeting link when it’s time for your conference to begin and….nothing. Your app fails to launch, or it launches and hangs, or it launches and tries to connect but fails.

2. Your sound sucks.

You can hear your colleagues just fine, but they complain about distortion, crackling or background noise when you speak.

3. You’re interrupted mid-call.

You’re on an important call, or maybe in the presenter’s chair, when your kid (or dog or cat or plumber) intrudes with an audible (or visible) interruption.

4. You got caught multitasking.

Just like the time your teacher called on you when you were daydreaming through your fourth-grade math class, you may find yourself occasionally caught out by a colleague who asks for your input on the current discussion…while you’re distracted by an email, message or other task.

5. Your wifi drops at a key moment.

You’re presenting a slide to a senior executive at a major global brand when your wifi connection spontaneously cuts out. Gosh, I really wish this were a hypothetical example and not a moment I relive in my nightmares.

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